The Best Double End Bag For Boxers

Double-ended bags are circular bags with elastic cords attached at each end. This bag is also referred to as a floor-to-ceiling bag. Using it, you can simulate a moving target. The purpose of this tool is to improve fighters’ accuracy, rhythm, and timing.

Bags with double ends fall into two categories: the Mexican-style double end bag and the Single bag. One of the more common types of bags is the teardrop-shaped single bag.

Two single bags are sewn together to form the Mexican bag. These bags are also called double ends. In the following review, we review the best double-end bags on the market today.

Authors Opinion

I hated double end bags when I started working out because it was difficult to hit. When you start training you want to hit a heavy bag to feel your power, but double end bags ask you to be accurate. Now I absolutely love these bags because it very improves your skills.
Should I use Double end bag?

What double-end bag should I get?

There are many bags that look great, but it can be difficult to find the right one. First, there are many low-quality bags that offer poor user experience and break quickly. You should also choose the right one for you.

Types & Shapes of models

Oval-shaped bags or standard ball bags: These bags bounce straighter than traditional double-end bags. They are easier to hit and they rebound more predictably. They are great for speed training and beginners. The oval version can be a little more difficult to beat. These bags come in different sizes.

Mexican style (peanut-shaped) Double teardrop: These peanut-shaped bags let you practice from a variety of angles. These bags can also be moved straight. You can practice your lower body and uppercut moves with the bag’s shape. Although these bags can be difficult to find, they are easily found if you’re willing to look.

Teardrop-shaped bags are a combination of speed bags and wide bottoms. They bounce and move in a circuit because they aren’t symmetrical. They are therefore the most difficult to hit and recommended for advanced fighters.

The Outer Material

You can choose from synthetic or genuine leather for the bag’s shell. A genuine leather double-end bag with an exceptional user experience is the ideal choice. These bags can be expensive and will react negatively to moisture.

Synthetic leather surfaces are more durable than natural leather surfaces and require less maintenance. They also cost less. They may not recover as quickly and they do not have the same texture.

Size Of The Bag And Diameter

There are many sizes and shapes available for double-end bags. Bags that are larger in diameter and heavier than average weight move slower. For beginners, a larger bag may be more suitable, but you can improve your speed, accuracy, and skill by using a lighter bag. Lighter, more difficult bags are easier to use.

Top 8 Best Double End Bags For Your Gym

1. Ringside Leather Bag -Great for Beginners 

The Ringside double-end bag, a classic ball bag with premium genuine leather covers provides both a great user experience and durability. The top and bottom loops are longer than usual and triple reinforced for long-lasting usage. This bag is thought to be a high-quality training bag, with a teardrop shape.

Customers love Ringside’s leather bags. Customers love the smooth bounce and balanced design. But they wish that the bungee cord was of higher quality. You can’t adjust the tension with cables.

It works fine. Some customers complained that the air bladder was leaking slightly. Customers should inflate the bladder once per week.

  • Made of Natural Leather
  • Durability
  • Soft rebound
  • the air bubble may leak a little

2. RDX Double End Speed Ball

RDX is a trusted brand in combat sports, producing high-quality training equipment such as bags, pads, and gloves. Their outstanding reputation and exceptional customer service are what make them so popular.

The RDX Double-Ended Bag is one of our most-loved bags. The materials and design are superior to similar products. The RDX Double Speed Bag is built to give you a challenging workout that will last a lifetime.

The bag is oval-shaped, as is the case for smaller bags. It is constructed with strong seams. It bounces back quickly, making it difficult for beginners to find a rhythm. One problem is that rubber bungee cords may break down quickly. These can be found anywhere else.

  • Easy to install
  • Good quality
  • Some people complain that they received poor quality samples

3. Contender Fight Sports Double End Bag

Many people complain about the bag breaking at the connections between the straps. There are also complaints about the air bladder not working properly. The Contender Double End Bag is only available in a 9-inch size. This bag is intended for beginners and makes it less suitable for more experienced boxers.

All double-end striking bags require air refills at least once a week, depending on their use. The Contender Double End Bag appears to have more complaints about the air bladder than the average bag.

The Contender Fight Sports Synthetic Leather Double End Bag is not as high quality as the others, but it’s still a good choice for double-end bags. The double-end bag’s tendency to rip at the strap connections is a serious problem that would make me reconsider buying this model. This, along with the inflation concerns, really makes the Contender Double End Bag fall off my list.

This bag could be used as an introduction training bag, but I don’t recommend it.

  • Good for the beginner
  • Low quality

4. Ringside Mexican-Style Double-Double End Bag

Boxers tend to prefer the traditional double bag with only one ball. However, double-double bags are great for body punching. Personally, I use both bags when training. If you are interested in doing the same, this bag is for you. These double-end bags are a bit more expensive than normal, but they are still very affordable for the quality you get. The quality of the construction is acceptable and perfectly in line with the price.

This double-end bag is very popular in Mexico. Mexican fighters are very focused on body punching and this is a huge advantage. However, it’s not as bad for practicing slipping and general head movement.

This bag is not expensive but it’s not cheap. It is well-built. Some people have had problems installing it. This is the reason this bag isn’t higher up on the list. This bag has many strong pros, so if you’re looking for a double-end bag like this, I recommend this one!

  • Convenient for practicing hitting the body
  • Good value for money
  • The bladder is weak

5. Title Classic Double End Bag

Title Boxing is a well-known manufacturer of fighting gear. This is the ball Manny Pacquiao used. The leather shell is made with triple nylon and features extra-long twin-ply leather attachments straps with heavy-duty chrome O-rings. These features ensure that users don’t have to worry about tearing or similar issues.

The Title double-end bag includes a butyl rubber bladder. This can be replaced easily with the inset zipper closure. Users do not complain about deflating.

It is a great experience to punch. The bag is well balanced and moves smoothly.

It measures 6 inches in size and comes with all mounting hardware.

  • Durability
  • The label can ruin the gloves

6. MaxxMMA Double End Ball

This bag is double-ended striking and includes appropriately-sized bungee cords to mount. However, the quality of these bungees might be a problem. Although the size is correct, some users complained about the bungee cords breaking after moderate use. This is not something you want.

The bag is made of thin synthetic leather and has a latex bladder. Although it looks cheap, the bag is durable. Although the stitching at the top and bottom looks good, it may wear down over time.

For intermediate and beginner strikers, the 7-inch bag will be fine. However, experienced strikers may prefer to avoid this size.

Although the MaxxMMA Double End Ball offers some benefits, such as an air pump and a low price, the materials used may not be of the best quality. The MaxxMMA Double End Ball offers a decent alternative, but it is not the best double end bag.

  • Affordable price
  • Low quality
  • It looks cheap

7. Pro Impact Double End Punching Bag

Pro Impact Double End Bags are on the higher end of quality and cost. For extra durability, the bag is made of 100% genuine leather. It has reinforced loops as well as welted seams. It looks sturdy and will withstand punishment.

The bag contains a rubber bladder that is heavy-duty and should reduce air leakage during use. The bag is less likely to leak during training, so you won’t have to refill it as often. Pro Impact offers a wide range of models in both 7-inch and 9-inch sizes, as well as the Double Double Hourglass Bag in red and black.

The only problem I have with the bag is the metal hooks. They could pose a danger to your health. The Pro Impact Double End Bag is an excellent choice for advanced or beginner strikers looking for the best double bag for the money. However, some may be afraid of the higher price.

  • Made of genuine leather
  • Durability
  • It doesn’t deflate that often.
  • Metal fasteners are not very safe

8. Cleto Reyes Double End Bag – The most professional

This ball is the right bag for you if you’re looking for a high-quality bag in Mexico’s colors. The Cleto Reyes double-end bag is compact and lightweight, made of high-quality materials. The bag comes with everything you need to set it all up. The extra bladder is included so that you don’t have to worry about it later. It is well-reviewed and rated highly by customers. However, the price is quite high.

The double teardrop-shaped bag measures just 10x8x6in. This bag is small enough to allow you to concentrate on precision and coordination. It makes an excellent tool for the boxer.

The double-end speed bag can be compacted and light. This bag is ideal for those who live in small houses and don’t have enough space for a punching bag.

  • High quality
  • Lightness
  • Compactness
  • The bag didn’t always come with ropes or cable, some people didn’t have them included

Why should I invest in a double-end bag for my boxing gym?

Timing and Accuracy

You can challenge yourself with a double-end bag. They are light and small and can be used as a moving target just like an opponent.

Although it might seem awkward to start training with a double-end bag and it can be frustrating to miss hits, once you become proficient, you’ll find success in sparring with a partner and practicing with it.

For more precision and coordination in your punches, make the double bag part of your routine

If you are unable to land a punch, it is no use being able to hit hard. Before taking on Muhammad Ali, this boxer may have had a double-end bag.

Develop Your Footwork

Many beginners forget to practice footwork. It is just as important as punching. Double-end bag training is a great way to work on this skill.

You must protect yourself against being hit as the bag bounces. You must also find the right distance for the punches to be delivered. You must step forward, backward, as well as to the sides. You will be able to practice footwork. These steps will become second nature.

My footwork was always a problem. My footwork was poor when I did only heavy bag exercises. I tended to stay at the same spot when I did them. I noticed a significant improvement in my bag work and shadow boxing after purchasing mine.


Double-end bags can also teach you how to defend yourself. The double-end bag is faster than the heavy bag which moves slowly. It comes at you like an opponent and trains you to be alert, lightfooted, and to react to the bag’s recoil. These bags allow you to comfortably and easily exercise your body punches and head.

Ready? Here is best boxing drills for double-end bag:


What is the best size double end bag?

In order to get the most out of this drill, beginners should use a 9-inch bag, while those with experience can use 8-, 7-, or even 6-inch bags. Using a large target will minimize beginners’ frustrations caused by errant bag bounces while using a small ball will improve experienced fighters’ striking accuracy.

Is a double-end bag good for weight loss?

Weight loss is best achieved through heavy punching bags rather than speed bags, double-ended bags, floor-to-ceiling bags, or slip bags. In addition to advancing speed, rhythm, and timing, other bags don’t force you to burn enough calories for you to boost fat loss.

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