Types Of Boxing Punches. Full Guide

When I was searching for martial arts to involve I thought that boxing is one of the simplest sport because of the lack of basic punches. Think about it. We have only three basic punches in boxing but in fact, the art of boxing punches is in combination with these basic movies. Let’s explore together basic punches in boxing.

Boxing Punches Full Guide

Basic Boxing Punches

  • Jab – a quick direct punch.
  • Cross- a direct right-hand punch
  • Hook – a short punch from the side.
  • Uppercut – a short downward swinging power punch.


A jab is a type of punching technique used in martial arts. It works by throwing the lead fist straight ahead, which is followed by an extended arm. It is also used to turn the torso. Almost every boxing class will start with the jab. When calling out combos, it’s also referred to as “one.”

The shot is executed in a straight line, which is perpendicular to the guard position. As you tighten the hand, keep the shoulders aligned with the body. The jab is a straight punch executed with the lead hand from the guard position with the fist rotating horizontally upon impact. For the jab, the nose region is the primary target.

How do you do a cross punch?


A cross in boxing is a punch that usually is thrown with your dominant hand until your opponent leads with his opposite hand. A cross is a powerful punch that can be used in many situations. It uses the dominant hand to strike the body.

When throwing the cross, the upper body is turned towards the opponent. Your opponent’s arms are extended in a coil spring manner. As you move, keep your chin in a guard position.

How to Throw a Hook?


The hook is a classic flank kick from traditional boxing. A hook is a sidekick. Applied with the bent arm at the elbow at medium and short-range. This exercise is done by twisting the core muscles and moving them back, thereby swinging the arm at an angle close to or at 90 degrees.

The right hook and left hook are typically punches ‘three’ and ‘four’. As a boxing punch, the hook is undoubtedly one of the most effective. In boxing, the Hook refers to a semicircular punch thrown with the lead or rear hand. On the side of the head, along the jawline, is the primary target.

How do you throw an uppercut


The uppercut in boxing is a punch used along a vertical line at the opponent’s chest or solar plexus (formerly known as the undercut).

Left and right uppercuts are also known as punches 5 and 6. It is recommended to use uppercuts at close range because they are considered to be more damaging.

Assume a fighting stance with hands in guard position before hitting the lead uppercut. Bend your knees into a low squat. Set your lead arm at a 90-degree angle to your body. Keep your elbow bent as you drive your fist upwards with your legs and body power.

What Are The Most Powerful Punches?

The power of the blow depends on which muscles are involved in the movement and what the amplitude of the movement is. According to these points, an uppercut and hook are the most damaging punches.

6 Basic Or 3 Basic Punches? Where is the truth?

Why does somebody tells me there are six basic punches in boxing? Boxing workouts often use punch combinations using punch count numbers to identify the drills. The punch number system is based on the Orthodox boxing stance. All even-numbered punches are delivered with the right hand. So, 6 basic punches are the same jab, hook, uppercut multiplied by two hands.

Basic Boxing Moves

Basic Boxing Moves

As you can see, every punch in boxing depends on the position of the body, legs, and muscles. Therefore, punching in boxing is inseparable from the movements of the whole body, and learning the basic movements is just as important as punching.


The slip is a defensive head maneuver that aims to prevent an opponent from hitting you with a straight punch. It can also cause your body to brace for a counter punch.

Stand up with your hands up, and bend them to guard against the shot of your opponent. If the ball hits your right side, raise it and slide it outside the line of your shot.


The roll is a defensive technique used to avoid getting caught by an opponent’s hook. This maneuver involves bending your knees to the side to avoid getting hit by the weight.

As your opponent shoots a hook, send your hips back and engage your knees in a squat.

Bonus: Basic Boxing Combination

Are you now familiar with basic boxing moves and ready to test them? Here is a selection of simple boxing combinations.

  1. Jab + Cross (1-2)
  2. Double Jab + Cross (1-1-2)
  3. Jab + Cross + Lead Hook (1-2-3)
  4. Jab to the body + Cross to the head
  5. Jab to the head + Rear uppercut to the body
  6. Fake a cross + Left hook
  7. Lead uppercut + Cross
  8. Jab + Rear hook
  9. Jab/lead hook + Rear uppercut
  10. Jab + Lead hook to the body + Cross

Use this video to learn basic boxing moves better!

What are the 3 types of punches used in boxing?

In boxing, there are four primary punches: the jab, the cross, the hook, and the uppercut.

How to punch correctly in boxing?

To make a perfect fist, start with one hand and close it with the other four fingers. To secure a strong grip, squeeze firmly and keep your thumb on top of the middle finger of your hand.

Can you train yourself to take a punch?

Taking punches in is an art, and it’s about being smart and not being too cocky. When training, make sure to be as hard as possible and don’t get caught up in your own punches.

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