The Best Punching Bags For Apartments: small, quiet, and portable

Is it possible to have a full martial arts workout in your apartments? Yes! Everything you need is a pair of gloves and hand wraps and a punching bag for your apartment.

Even if you’re living in a small apartment you can improve your boxing skills. It is so important nowadays when we are not sure about the boxing gym working schedule. If you really want to grow in your boxing skills, three workouts a week aren’t enough. A punching bag for apartments is a piece of good equipment to keep your boxing knowledge at a high level.

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Let’s explore together how to choose the best punching bags for home training.

Best punching bags for apartments

What Punching Bag You Can Use in Apartment?

Hanging Bag

Hanging bags are the most common type of punching bag. This type of punching bag is common in homes and gyms. This design is timeless because it meets all of the expectations that people have for a punching bag. These bags will give you the best cardio and strength training to improve your punching power. Hanging bags can also be used for legwork, as some have additional features. The hanging bag is the most reliable type of punching bag.

Doorway Bag

Although the doorway bag may not be your usual design, it is a great choice for apartment owners who want the best punching bag.

The doorway bags fit within the door frame so take up very little space. It is easy to install and store them. They won’t be as functional as freestanding or hanging bags due to their size and setup. They make up for the lack of features with simplicity, affordability, and convenience.

Two In One Doorway Punching Bag

These bags will be used in an apartment or home and have multiple functions. These bags may not be as well-built as punching bags but they will get the job done. These are also much simpler to set up and transport, as well as being significantly less expensive.

​Freestanding Heavy Bag

Freestanding bags are not hung by a chain. Instead, they use a weighted base that is filled with water or sand to stay upright. You might find a spring-loaded mechanism in your bag to make it easier to use. This allows the bag to rock in order so you can time your strikes and get more feedback after each kick or punch.

Double End Bag

Home gym equipment like the double end bag is highly versatile and necessary. Besides improving efficiency, accuracy, and precision of punching, it also improves hand speed and timing. In order to keep up with the bag’s rapid movements, boxers must speed up their punches.

How Do I Pick the Best Punching Bag For Apartments?

Size and height of the bag

You will also need to consider the size and volume of your bag. This is often influenced by how much space you have in your apartment.

It’s a good idea if you have limited space to store your items in a small bag that can be easily stored away. Freestanding bags are the best option. Because you can roll it up and place it on its side, it is easy to transport.

Because of their bulkiness, hanging bags are the most common bag type. Freestanding bags are smaller and easier to transport if needed. With the easiest installation, the doorway bag takes up the least space and is often not noticeable.

Unfilled vs. Filled Bags

There are two types of punching bags: filled and unfilled. The filled bag is more convenient, especially if the buyer has never had to fill a bag properly. Although filled bags may be a bit more costly, the ease of use makes them worth it. Before you attempt to fill a bag yourself, learn the basics.


There’s a good chance that you will have neighbors if you live in an apartment.

To avoid arguing with others, it is a good idea to find a quiet punching bag that can fit in an apartment.

Bad news: Punching bags can be quite loud.

There are quiet punching bags. You can cushion your strikes with unique padding and covers that reduce noise. It is much more convenient to have a quiet bag than to soundproof your whole apartment.


This ties into my point about the price. It’s a smart decision to invest in a punching bag from a reliable brand with lots of experience and happy customers. You will be most satisfied with your punching bag if you choose a trusted brand that you are familiar with.

Build Quality

Like any other equipment, punching bags can take a lot. It is important to choose a bag that is durable and tear-resistant. Although real leather is durable, it can be expensive. Many brands have developed their own designs, often using synthetic material. These bags are nearly as durable as real leather and offer robust features.

Best punching bag for small apartments

TOP 8 Punching Bags For Apartments


Century’s Wavemaster punching bag series is very popular and comes in many models. Two of its models are on our list.

The Century Aerobic Wavemaster weighs in at 170 lb once the base has been filled. This bag is light and easy to transport around an apartment. It is also better suited for cardio training. The bag can withstand light to moderately strong strikes without much effort. It is easier to transport because of its weight.

Its weight means it is not designed for powerful, heavy strikes. The bag can easily be thrown over if it isn’t supported by enough weight. The Aerobic Wavemaster isn’t designed for intense training sessions, but it can be used to do aerobic exercises.

The bag can be adjusted to fit your height. It’s important to remember that the bag weight is light so the bag will be easier to carry.

  • Best Seller
  • Good For Boxing and Kick boxing
  • Just for begginers
  • Moves a lot

Punching Bag Quiet Punch Doorway

The Quiet Punch Doorway setup, as its name implies, is unique because it attaches to a door frame. This bag is simple but effective.

It is easy to set up and take down in minutes. Because of its unique design, it will not take up much space in an apartment.

It is so quiet that you will be amazed at how easy it is to use. The bag makes very little sound due to its nylon construction. The nylon construction is strong and will not compromise the bag’s durability. This quiet feature is great for people who don’t want neighbors complaining about your training.

This bag is a little different than others, but it’s undoubtedly made for small spaces. It is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to punch at home and one of the best apartment punching bags you can find.

  • Good Quality Leather
  • Famous Brand
  • Some customers have had trouble installing the bag.

EZ DOORWAY Speed Bag For Apartment

The EZ Doorway is similar to the speed bag but does not require a door frame. Its footprint is very small due to its design. It takes up only a small amount of space, which is just enough to fit into your door frame. It is quick and easy to install. You can get it up and running in five minutes.

Speed bags are great for improving motor skills and getting a quick workout. If you are a fighter in MMA, Boxing, or any other martial art, speed bags are highly recommended.

You can transform the bag into a two-ended bag with its bottom hook. This allows you to do flexible exercises. The bag is ideal for speed training, cardio exercises, and hand coordination.

Made from premium leather, the bag has a sturdy 18-inch backboard with hard plastic. It can be used in any 27-42 inch doorway.

The Ezspeedbag is great for those who travel frequently to work or stay in hotels. It’s lightweight and compact so it won’t take up much space. It can be placed in any hotel, dorm, or office.

  • Take minutes to install
  • Better for beginners
  • The height depends on your door
  • Some customers found trouble to set up it


Ringside Elite Free Standing Bags is a great punching bag that is suitable for all levels of experience.

Free-standing bags are much more durable than hanging heavy bags. Ringside Elite, for instance, has a lot of surfaces that can be used with punches and high kicks as well as low kicks.

The vinyl material is layered with thick foam padding. The bag’s shock-absorbing cover will ensure that it lasts for many years without tearing. It is also very comfortable so you can strike with ease and less risk of injury.

The bag’s spring-loaded design is what makes it unique. It can swing back and forth once it is struck. This prevents it from falling over. You can also practice timing by observing how the bag swings back. This allows you to time your punches and learns to hit a moving target.

Although the Elite bag is more expensive than other bags, budget-conscious buyers may not be able to afford it. But you get your money’s value. This bag is premium and durable to give you one of the most enjoyable heavy bag experiences. You won’t regret spending a lot on this bag.

  • Good for kicks
  • Unisex
  • Good Customers Rating
  • Best alternative to Heavy Bag
  • Nothing according to product

Century Powerline Wavemaster Freestanding Punching Bag

This bag measures 17 inches in diameter and can be easily stuffed into apartments. The Powerline bag can take more powerful strikes than the Aerobic bag and it won’t tip over. It can also be filled with water or sand to support a maximum weight of 270 lb.

This bag is also ideal for small spaces due to its adjustable height capabilities. The bag can be adjusted in height from 47 to 68 inches. If you have limited space, you can lower the bag’s height.

The Powerline can withstand high-powered, explosive shots, as the name implies. This is especially useful if you want to load it on your bag during a high-intensity training session.

Overall, the bag is great, small, and can be used for training in an apartment or at home.

  • 3 different colors
  • Сonstructed to the highest standards of American made products
  • Good price
  • Pad area is very short (according to only one review)


This bag will make your gym feel larger. It comes with a hanging swivel and a chain, but not a frame. Before you can hang this bag, either find a suitable spot or create one.

This bag has 2-inch thick foam padding that makes it comfortable to use and has less impact on your hands. This bag is great for beginners who don’t know how to box.

This bag is made from synthetic leather, or “power hide leather”, as the manufacturers refer to it. It provides exceptional durability and comfort. Although it is not as durable as genuine leather, it does the job very well. For beginners, who are still learning how to strike properly, the foam padding is ideal. It’s 2 inches thick and absorbs strikes impact.

The bag’s weight of 65lb makes it quite small at 14″x42″. It is a small bag compared to other bags, so it’s a great choice for apartment punching bags.

It is important to remember that the bag is very light so if your strength is a concern, you may want to consider a larger size.

  • Real Heavy Bag
  • Good for pro traning
  • High Quality Leather
  • Can make a noise

Everlast Omni Strike Heavy Bag

The Everlast Omni Strike Heavy bag is versatile and a popular choice. Its unusual appearance will soon be a part of your everyday life. The base of the bag is wider and has handles at its top. These handles can be used to practice Thai clinch, dirty boxing, and the large base helps reduce the impact on knee strikes and low kicks.

The bag has a feature that prevents it from moving excessively, especially if there isn’t enough space for it to swing around freely. An anchor can be found at the bottom of the bag that you can attach to a base. It’s available separately. This anchor helps to keep the bag in its place by weighting down the bottom. It’s not necessary to use, but it adds more functionality to the bag.

This bag is great for anyone who wants to do a good workout in their bag from the comfort of their apartment. This bag is made from Everlast’s Nevatear fabric. Never synthetic leather is extremely durable and can withstand a lot without tearing. To reduce the impact of your strikes, a dense outer foam shell has been added. The bag also has a double-ended anchor at its bottom. Attach the anchor to a base that is weighted so that it won’t swing when struck. This is a great feature to have if you are in a small space.

  • Quiet
  • C3 foam wrapped bottom panel
  • Premium synthetic leather
  • 4,5 Rating
  • Straps broke from 8 to 16 motnh according to some reviews

Everlast Dual Station Heavy Bag Stand

Everlast’s dual-station punching bag is a great combination of a heavy bag with a speed-bag platform. The 100 lb. bag can be purchased separately or together. You can purchase the heavy bag and speed platform either separately or together.

They are amazing value for the price. A stand is an option if you need a heavy hanging bag. You get a stand that also includes a speed bag platform, swivel, and bag to help you improve your training skills.

You can adjust the height of your speed bag platform so it fits you best. Two knobs attached to the platform can be turned to adjust the height. This quality platform is included in the stand. Good speed bag platforms can be quite expensive and cost more than $200. You can upgrade the included swivel if it is not satisfactory.

  • A complete punching bag
  • Famous brand
  • Ask more space
  • Not quiet

Are you ready? Use your punching bag for this boxing workout at home!

Benefits of an Apartment Punching Bag for your Training

Cardio Workout

You don’t have to travel far to exercise regularly with a punching bag. You can keep your lungs healthy and your body in good shape all within the walls of your apartment. You don’t have to go far to the gym, so you can exercise with a punching box.

Strength Training

Punching bags require you to use more effort and strength in your kicks and punches. You can increase your upper body muscle strength by learning to throw more powerful strikes with a punching bag. You’ll be stronger with more consistency and dedication.

Self-Defense Training

Self-defense skills are important. You can learn the proper techniques of self-defense and then practice them with your punching bag.

Form and Technique

When it comes to fighting, raw power is not the only thing important. To ensure you strike the best possible strikes, it would be helpful to have the right technique. You can practice your form at home with a punching bag.


Can I Hang a Punching Bag in My Apartment?

Technically, technically yes. But first, consider the cost. Hanging a heavy bag could cause your lease to be terminated, your deposit lost, or even get you kicked out

Can a bag hanging from your wall make such a noise that it disturbs the neighbors?

Before you hang a large bag at your home, it is important to consider all of these factors. These 7 ideas may be a good idea for hanging a heavy bag in your apartment.

What’s the difference between large and compact punching bags?

Punching bags that are larger than average can take more punishment, but take up more space. Although they are smaller and more practical, a compact punching bag can be ideal for apartments with limited space. Small hanging or freestanding bags can withstand strong strikes and are therefore feature-packed.

How do I Reduce Noise from a Heavy Bag?

There are several ways to reduce noise from heavy bags, depending on the source. Heavy bags’ chains make the loudest noises. If you are going to wrap the chains with duct tape or electrical tape, you will be able to counter that

How to Reduce Noise from a Free-Standing Bag Moving Around

If your bag is bouncing around or making noises, there are two things you can do. The first is to fill the base with more weight. You can empty it if the container is filled only with water. Fill the base with sand. Once the base is filled with sand add water to make it as moist as possible. The base should now be heavier and shouldn’t move as much. You can also place a rubber mat underneath the base to prevent sliding and slipping.

How to Reduce Vibration and Reverb from a Hanging Heavy Bag

A noise-dampening mounting is the best way to reduce vibration and noise from heavy bags that hang on to the amount. This vibration – and noise-reducing mounts allow the bag to swing more easily. They also have dampening straps and springs that dramatically reduce the sound from heavy bags.

What brands should I buy?

Ringside, Everlast, and Century are the best brands. These brands are trusted by professional athletes, as well as us. You won’t find any compromises in the overall quality of their products, even if they offer a more affordable option.

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